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Compression Spring Uses

Compression springs are devices made up of helically formed coils with pitch in between used to push back on an applied force or load in order to return to its original position when the force or load is released. They are the most commonly used type of spring as well as the most economical. There are many types of compression springs used to fulfill certain functions for many applications, devices, and/or mechanisms.

 three compression springs


You may find several compression spring types in the mechanism of a firearm as well as other types of springs like torsion or extension springs depending on the type of firearm. You might also find them in devices or mechanisms that operate through buttons and such; the spring will be located behind the button to make sure the button returns to its original position after being released. You will also find compression springs in the automotive industry used for the suspension of your automobile. As you’ve seen noted above, there are many compression spring uses but the list doesn’t stop there, you may find these springs almost anywhere. From a ballpoint pen or a notebook to a pogo stick or a medical device.


The different types of compression springs are magazine compression springs, conical compression springs, barrel compression springs (convex and concave), and you might also find torsional compression springs which fulfill two functions by exerting a vertical force as well as a rotational force.

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