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Large Springs

Large springs are categorized as heavy duty springs, since the wire diameter is from 1/8" inch to 1" inch in size.  These big springs release a tremendous amount of more force  than regular springs. Large springs have several uses such as large industrial equipment, earth moving machines, agricultural equipment as well as locomotive suspensions.

Wire diameters for large springs are listed below . This partial list is of wire diameters available in Oil Tempered Chrome Silicon Wire ASTM A401. When designing your large springs please use a wire diameter from the list below and adjust your design in order to match the force you previously had. Like small springs, changing your large spring’s wire diameter makes a big difference due to the wire being so large. The larger the wire, the more force you can obtain form your large spring.

List of Large Wire Diameters available in

Oil Tempered Chrome Silicon ASTM A401

0.125                0.207              0.437
0.128                0.218              0.468
0.135                0.225              0.485
0.137                0.243              0.500
0.138                0.250              0.531
0.140                0.262              0.593
0.142                0.273              0.625
0.148                0.282
0.152                0.283
0.156                0.295
0.158                0.306
0.162                0.312
0.170                0.331
0.177                0.343
0.185                0.362
0.187                0.375
0.192                0.393
0.197                0.406


Large springs can also be Precision Springs.  As mentioned before, changing the wire diameter does affect your springs force. If you need your large spring to be precise, we highly recommend you make some minor adjustments. If you had to change the wire diameter to a larger size, increase the outer diameter or add more coils. If you changed the wire diameter to a smaller size, decrease the outer diameter or subtract coils.


Feel free to give us a call and speak to our spring engineers to get started on your large spring design or perhaps redesign your large spring to a point where it will work better in your mechanism. Remember, your large springs are in the hands of perfectionists. We will make sure your large springs have the correct material for your environment as well as improving the performance life of your large spring. Send us a Quick Quote to get started!

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