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Metal Springs

metal compression spring
                                                                                                                              metal compression spring device
Metal springs are precision springs made from metal wire. Acxess Spring specializes in fabricating precision springs to exact tolerances. Our metal springs can be made from stainless steel, music wire and many other types of spring wire. Wire springs are manufactured using precision CNC spring making machines.
metal torsion spring design/model

Precision springs and metal springs are made to tight tolerances. We can hold a your wire springs outer mattress metal springsdiameter plus or minus (+ -) .003 or less. Our precision springs length detectors hold the free length of your wire springs to exact measurements. We then perform a load and rate test on digital load testers to verify the forces on your precision spring.
acxess spring rohs
                                                                                                                     acxess spring material certification
We are ISO compliant and will supply you with Material Certifications, Certificates of Conformance and Rohs and DFars compliant certifications on all your precision wire metal springs upon request.

metal springs calculator                                                                                                             metal compression spring with dual pitch
Our Online Spring Calculator Software  lets us design your wire spring to exact specifications and provide you with a real time blueprint of your precision spring before you purchase anything. We can also improve your existing wire springs design and make it perform like a precision springs.

metal springs being plated in gold
                                                                                                                                     metal torsion spring
We offer spring passivation on your stainless steel metal springs as well as zinc, nickel and gold plating.  

Below are some of our precision CNC Metal Spring Machines 

metal spring CNC machine    metal spring manufacturing machine   metal spring over for heat treatment

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