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Springs for Door Hinges

Definition: Commonly used torsional or compression springs mounted on the mandrel or a shaft of a door hinge to apply pressure onto the hinge’s plates when a door which is pushed open is required to close automatically after it has been released.


Springs for door hinges are a useful device as well as a safety measure in some cases. These springs can be easily found in stock at The Spring Store or can be made custom to fulfill your requirements by sending us a request for quote through our quick quote form at Acxess Spring. The torsion springs installed into your door hinges will cause your door to execute the effect of the twin saloon doors seen in old western movies where the “bandido” bursts through the twin doors yet the doors manage to close again once he is out of reach. The effect of the doors closing automatically is achieved by the torsion spring since one of its legs is mounted against the stationary plate while the other is mounted against the plate on the door to torque when the door is opened and apply pressure back on the door once it is released to return to its original free position.

 golden hinge with torsion springtorsion spring installed in hingespecialty door hinge with two torsion springs

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