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Specialty and Stock Springs

Find stock and specialty compression, extension, torsion, and conical springs at Acxess Spring.


We have over 30 years of experience working on complex designs for several different industries. Whatever spring design you need to accomplish, whether it is a dual pitch compression spring or perhaps a spring with variable diameters like a barrel or barbell spring, we can do it.


Our wire diameter capacity ranges from 0.005” up to 1.5”. If you happen to need a spring with larger material, please contact us to see what when can arrange as far as material options, spring design, and spring manufacturing. We have qualified spring engineers who can clear any of your doubts and help you design the perfect spring to meet your project’s requirements.

Acxess Spring, 2225 E. Cooley Dr. Colton, CA 92324

Ph: (951)276-2777 Fx: (951)240-3334 Email: sales@acxesspring.com