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Customer Testimonials

Read For Yourself: 

"I am totally satisfied with my Acxess Spring experience. The springs
were delivered on time and exactly as specified, dimensions were to
print and well within expected tolerances. Load values as used in my
product were as specified, the springs work perfectly. I love your
friendly service (Alfonso made me feel like he was really interested in
my business) and found your spring calculator web tool invaluable. On
top of all that, your prices are very reasonable. Kudos for a great job! I
will be ordering again in the future."
-Richard P., B.H.A. Co.


"Acxess Spring has been amazing from the beginning to the end! Alfonso and
Ashley helped us throughout the process and we now are shipping our products
daily because of the help we received from you. Thanks and we look forward to
ordering many more springs from you in the very near future!"
The I.S. Team


"The springs are top quality. The service team are all friendly and efficient
and always there to help in any situation, whether standard orders or
breakdown situations. My primary contact is Ashley and she has always
helped us through any situation with great results. Thanks for all you do for
our company."
-Barbie C., C.U. Inc.


"Ashley, I wanted to thank you for jumping on our order and getting springs out to our

company so quickly. We definitely have a need that is urgent and deadlines for project

completion, and you are helping us achieve those deadlines. Kudos to you and your team,

we really appreciate it! All The Best, John S. R&D Director"



"Acxess Spring is great at providing engineering solutions when we develop new
products. Acxess Spring meets their delivery deadlines and is honest about lead times.
We are never left expecting product they cannot deliver.
Great staff, easy and friendly to work with."
-Matt M. RDL, CA


"Really like the spring I was sent. I'm really happy with them. I am using them for
a school project for my students. The service was great; it was easy and fast. I
had called different companies and no one was able to help me out like you guys
did. Thank you."
-Maria P., Teacher at Willow Glen Elementary School


"Generally, everything was like I expected. It was on time and I had no problems
on placing the order or receiving the order."
-H.G.H. Company


"I'm really happy with the services I receive. Springs are on time and how I wanted them.
Acxess Spring is really good on having my springs on time."
-P.E. MFG. Co.


"Acxess Spring has been great form the beginning to the end. Thanks and we
look forward to ordering many more springs from you."
-Mark, P.L. Inc.

"We have been very satisfied by Acxess Spring. When we request a
quote or other information, we get it in a timely manner.
Also, our shipment was received on time."
-Stephanie A.S., BRM. Inc.


"We have used Acxess Spring to make our 'throttle body return springs' for over
10 years. They manufacture numerous styles for us. Their quality is
exceptional. Lead times are far better than the industry average. Their customer
service is fantastic. Given a few basic parameters they will even design your
springs for you. We highly recommend Acxess Spring."
-Kevin C., B.D. CNC Inc.


"Wanted to let you know that I finally had a chance to look at your spring
order I received about 10 days ago and wanted to thank you for
producing pieces exactly as designed, they look and work perfectly. I
will be ordering again soon. Thank you."
-Blue H.A. Co.


"I was surprised that Ashley quoted me as fast as she did. The
parts were great and they were on time just like you guys said."
-Steve, I.F. Co.


"I was really happy with the springs I ordered. Everything was on time and correct. The
service was great."
-Amber, IC Inc.

Parts where great and on time. The quality was superb. Great
customer service. I will definitely be ordering again.
-T.R.S. Inc.

My experiences at Acxess Spring have been great. I've been working with Ashley she has
been of great help. I always get my email responses right back. I'm happy with the services at
Acxess Spring.
-Kevin, BCO. Inc.


"Just a follow up after our season in the Antarctic to let you know that the springs that you

manufactured for us last year performed extremely well. We work in a very harsh environment down

there and this season we flew more hours than ever before, totaling around 475 hours of flying.  I was just

 dropping you a line to provide feedback and to say how happy we were with how the springs performed. 

We will certainly be contacting you again in the future when we require further spring manufacturing."

-Roger at S.T. Inc.


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Acxess Spring

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E-mail: sales@acxesspring.com

Acxess Spring, 2225 E. Cooley Dr. Colton, CA 92324

Ph: (951)276-2777 Fx: (951)240-3334 Email: sales@acxesspring.com