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Torsion Springs Calculator


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 Torsion spring design software used to calculate and generate a torsion spring design giving you torsion spring rate, maximum safe travel in degrees, maximum spring torque and many more torsion spring specifications which are critical to your torsion spring’s functionality. It will also generate a live blueprint along with a full torsion spring analysis.

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At Acxess Spring, we have made designing your torsion springs fast and easy. Other torsion spring calculators will usually ask you to input information that our calculator automatically calculates for you like torsion spring rate or constant. With our torsion spring calculator, Spring Creator, you are only required to enter a few of your torsion spring’s physical dimensions such as direction of wind, wire diameter, outer diameter, active coils, and material type.


Besides our spring calculator, Acxess Spring specializes in helping its customers get just the right design so feel free to give us a call and we will gladly help you reach the perfect torsion spring design. Below you will see what design specification we will usually ask you for in order to reach the most adequate torsion spring design.


What amount of torque will be applied to your spring?

Now we get into the calculation part of your torsion spring design. Our torsion spring calculator will calculate your torsion spring’s rate. Knowing the rate of your torsion spring design will help you calculate your spring’s torque at the amount of degrees you need to travel. Therefore, letting you know whether you are meeting your required amount of torque or if you need to make any adjustments in order to get more or less force.

 Example of the spring rate/constant calculation portrayed by a torsion spring at free position and the same spring at torqued position

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