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Helical Torsion Springs Manufacturers


Helically wound spirals forming a set of coils which make up a spring. This spring is used to exert a rotational force therefore making this a helical torsion spring.

 explanation of rate per 360 degrees with formula, calculation example, and a torsion spring under torque


There are millions of configurations when it comes to your helical torsion spring’s design...

The reason for this is because of the many variables in your helical torsion spring’s physical dimensions such as the various wire diameters, outer diameters, total coils, leg lengths, direction of wind, and material types. If you have a helical torsion spring design and decide to change a certain dimension by even one thousandths of an inch (0.001”), it automatically becomes a new design because the measurements in the helical torsion spring have changed.


torsion spring leg configurations


Helical springs all have different types of ends...

Torsion springs have legs. You see, at the end of the last coil, the spring wire becomes straight. This is considered a leg on which you can place bends, radiuses, loops or other different shapes allowing you to customize your helical torsion spring to fit in your particular product or application. Helical compression spring ends are usually closed and squared ends, closed and ground ends, double closed ends or open ends. Helical extension springs will have hooks and the type of hooks may vary from machine hooks, cross over hooks to even extended hooks.

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