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Spring Travel Distance Calculator

 Definition: Spring Calculator program used to calculate the amount of travel, deflection or distance a spring is able to achieve under an applied load.

Spring design can be a little bit overwhelming at times. Your spring’s force, maximum safe travel, and maximum safe load are the factors that will tell you whether your spring will work correctly in your device or not. Spring Creator includes three spring travel calculators; compression spring travel calculator, extension spring travel calculator, and torsional spring travel calculator.


You must know all of the limitations involved inside of your device to set the physical dimensions as well as the tolerances for these dimensions. That is the basic part of designing your spring. When you get into spring rate, load, and travel; things get a little more complicated. When designing your spring the dimensions you started with may be too strong or too weak. You define your spring’s strength using spring rate. If it is too strong, your spring might not be able to travel enough due to it being highly stressed. On the other hand, your spring might be too weak and the loaded height it reaches is lower than the required loaded height. This means that you will have to make adjustments to the spring dimensions. The force chart provided tells you what modifications you must make in order to adjust the spring rate.

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